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Facials Specialist

Lounge of Beauty Medical Spa

Medical Spa & Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic located in Long Beach, CA

Is your skin looking dull and dry in spite of your home skin care routine? A customizable facial at Lounge of Beauty Medical Spa can increase cell turnover and renew skin cell health. Agnes Lech, RN, and the team offer HydraFacials®, chemical peels, and more traditional options for facials in Long Beach, California. To schedule your facial consultation, call the office, or book online today.

Facials Q & A

What are facials?

Facials are treatments for the skin that can brighten your skin and smooth its texture. Lounge of Beauty Medical Spa offers several customizable options for skin enhancing facials. Many of them offer a soothing experience that you’ll have no problem adding to your regular beauty routine. 

During your consultation at Lounge of Beauty Medical Spa, you can go over each facial option and consider their benefits. Then, your provider tells you how you can customize your treatment and care for your skin afterward to get the most out of the procedure. 

What are my options for facials?

Lounge of Beauty Medical Spa proudly offers top-tier facial options to treat and enhance your skin. The team can answer all of your questions about:


HydraFacial is an advanced system that renews your skin in these three steps: cleansing and peeling, extracting and hydrating, and fusing and protecting. The device uses vortex-fusion technology to remove impurities while infusing your skin with a customizable blend of peptides, serums, and antioxidants. This option is gentle enough for anyone to enjoy.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are a bit harsher and more intensive on the spectrum of skin facials. During a chemical peel, your provider applies a chemical blend to your skin that removes the surface layers. Then, younger and healthier cells replace them to create a smoother and brighter skin surface. 

Traditional facials

Traditional facials are multi-step treatments that give you fresher skin. You can choose from a range of different facials at Lounge of Beauty Medical Spa to cleanse, hydrate, and nourish your skin according to its needs. 

How do facials benefit my skin?

Facials don’t just make your skin look its best, though it’s a major reason why people get them regularly. A high-quality facial at Lounge of Beauty Medical Spa refreshes your skin by removing dead cells and toxins from the surface, which encourages faster cell turnover and rejuvenation. 

Lounge of Beauty Medical Spa helps you select a facial that can minimize or eliminate skin concerns like:

  • Dryness
  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Dullness
  • Brown spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Large pores
  • Acne and congestion

Depending on the type and intensity of facial you choose to get, you may be able to get your facial of choice regularly at Lounge of Beauty Medical Spa to continuously enjoy the skin health and aesthetics benefits. 

To choose from the wide selection of facials available at Lounge of Beauty Medical Spa, call the office, or book a consultation online today.