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How Much Does Botox Cost?


Botox ranks as the most popular cosmetic non-surgical procedure in the United States according to data compiled by the American Surgery of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The FDA, in 2002, approved Botox for reducing frown lines. In 2013, the compound received FDA approval for reducing crow’s feet on the outer corners of the eyes as well. Your med spa treatment provider will discuss various aspects of the Botox procedure in detail during the initial consultation, including estimated costs.

The Lounge of Beauty Medical Spa, led by Dr. Solomon Laktineh and Agnes Lech, RN provides safe and innovative skin care, body contouring, laser and medical aesthetic treatments to patients in Long Beach, Torrance, Huntington Beach, Greater Los Angeles, California, and surrounding locations.

Botox vs. Plastic Surgery Costs

Botox is generally more cost-effective when compared to plastic surgery or other non-surgical facial anti-aging treatments. You can easily get your Botox treatment at a medical spa without undergoing anesthesia or sedation. The best part is that you can immediately resume your normal chores and return to regular activities, including work after Botox injections.

In most cases, anti-aging procedures, whether they involve deep chemical peels, RF, lasers or ultrasound are expensive as opposed to Botox injections. Also, most skin care treatments require multiple sessions. However, Botox injections can be given to a patient in just a single sitting.

In hindsight, you will find Botox treatments to be more cost-effective in comparison with other facial rejuvenation procedures when you consider the absence of factors, such as anesthesia use, post-op recovery costs, and multiple consultations.

Costs Can Vary Among Patients

Botox med spa treatments are unique to an individual’s needs and goals. The costs of treatment may vary between two patients depending on the extent and type of treatment required. For instance, if you just want to get rid of frown lines from between the eyebrows or remove crow’s feet, you will require minimal treatment. This will cost less as opposed to extensive Botox treatments.

You may need to pay more if you are using the compound for non-label applications, such as treating wrinkles and lines around target areas or minimizing creases around the mouth and nose. Botox providers usually charge on the basis of the volume of Botox units needed. This is determined by your personal needs and the number of sites you want to target.

Beware of Low Price Options

Recent years has seen an alarming trend in the form of off-site Botox procedures or Botox parties. Many people get attracted to these options because of significantly low prices. However, you need to understand that Botox is a potent treatment and needs to be administered by a qualified and established provider. According to the FDA, Botox should only be administered by a trained injector because of the various risks involved with botulinum toxin.

Insurance and Financing Options

Typical health insurance doesn’t cover Botox treatments. However, you can always ask your insurance company for options. The manufacturer of Botox, Allergan, Inc. offers free insurance information over the phone. There are several financing options available by professional medical care finance companies.

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